Newham Bonfire Night

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Firework Displays

We’re passionate about fireworks.  But not all firework displays are the same.

We don’t do “off the peg”. Each display is crafted by one of our experienced designers to suit the site, the occasion and the budget. We use the most beautiful, original and reliable fireworks available (from Spain, Malta, Italy, Germany, Thailand, England, USA and China) and arrange them in original ways.

We don’t just do big fields. We fire displays on water, on sensitive buildings, even indoors. Using cold-burning, debris-free arena fireworks, we create spectacular displays in small sites or close to people. We have a range of quiet fireworks and effects for venues where sound level is an issue but when the situation demands, we can make a lot of noise, day or night, with Mascleta rhythms of bangs, whistles and crackles.

We use digital and computerised firing systems to create stunningly timed sequences with split-second precision and synchronise our displays to music, video or multimedia effects. But our firing experts are equally at home using simple technology to integrate fireworks into live performance or punctuate unpredictable events.

As well as pure fireworks, we can incorporate a range of unique effects – 30’ high Catherine Wheels, pyroperformance, set pieces, firesculptures and flame projectors.