'Squeeze' @ Arts Fresco

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Flames and Fire

We love fire as much as we love fireworks, so we’ve pioneered a wide range of fiery effects and processes which can form the centrepiece to our shows or add excitement and warmth to any event.

Flaming sculptures in 2 or 3 dimensions – company logos, figurative drawings or shimmering abstract forms. We specialize in ash-free materials for use close to audiences and can create images in a range of colours.

Our unique system of synchronised flame projectors send up to 20 columns of fire 25 feet in the air at the touch of a button, dancing to live or recorded music – so close you can feel the heat!

For the ultimate in fiery spectacle, we build huge sculptural bonfires, animate them with fireworks and performance. Then – as celebrations of bonfire night, Diwali, Fire & Light Festivals, or just for the sheer cathartic joy of it – we burn them!

Or we can use our range of paraffin and gas flambeaux and firecans to provide ambient lighting for all kinds of events, from product launches to choral concerts.