All Hands - SO Festival 2011

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All Hands

“Our problems are man-made, therefore they may be solved by man. And man can be as big as he wants. No problem of human destiny is beyond human beings.”
- “John F. Kennedy”

All Hands is a celebration of collective human endeavour and the power of connection. It combines fire, fireworks, music and performance to create a spectacular and moving transformation of a site, driven by audience participation: if people engage, change happens.

The show is driven by original live & recorded music composed by Kuljit Bhamra and David White.

All hands is being created in public, experimenting with ideas in front of audiences at 3 UK festivals over the summer of 2011; it will tour in 2012 and beyond.

… a lone figure pulls on a thread which gently unravels,
starting a chain of events that transforms her world…

A series of interconnected structures are created, using human effort and simple but effective technology (levers, pulleys, ropes and pivots) rather than of cranes and telehandlers.


We are working to make touring the show as sustainable as possible. A small kit of equipment is toured, and the show is designed around locally sourced equipment & materials.

All Hands is flexible – able to adapt to different sites. There will be different versions at a variety of scales for a range of budgets. Working internationally we will adapt to use locally available material.

The show can be performed on grass or hardstanding – parks, squares, carparks are ideal and we are open to exploring more unsual sites.

Created by: Mike Roberts – Producer & Co-Director / Mandy Dike – Designer & Co-Director / Maria Hingerty – Pyrotechnic Designer / Pippa Bailey – Associate Director / David White & Kuljit Bhamra – Musical Directors / Thor McIntyre-Burnie – Sound Artist / Phil Supple – Lighting Designer / Flick Ferdinando – Performance Director / Mat Ort – Production Manager
Makers , Pyrotechnicians & Crew – Paddy Benedict / Jon Bielstein / Paul Bryce / Gabriel Burden / Tim Carter / Amy Draper / Graeme Gilmour / Chris Hoxey / Mathew Nicholls / Liz O’Byrne / Ben Rigby / Cara Smyth / Ben Steven / Brian Thunder

Supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Contact us for the latest news, or to talk about touring opportunities for 2012 and beyond.