‘‘A unique pyrotechnic show that worked on many level of experience… fully exploring form and content…always effective, and at times quite brilliant…a UK company that can compete on the world stage.’’
Paul Ackerley, Arts Council England

The world is full of risks to be avoided. Crowds are subversive, disease is rife, WMD’s are everywhere, strangers are enemies and fireworks are too loud. We can only keep safe locked in our homes, engaging with the world through reality TV… But some fools deliberately court danger: step outside the safety zone, play with fire, jump off the cliff, light the blue touch paper… What happens when you take a risk?

Crackers? is a celebration of the explosive and dangerous beauty of fire and fireworks and an exploration of our attitudes to Risk.

Crackers? is a large-scale show, for audiences of 12,000, combining fireworks, projection, performance and music. Crackers? is not for the faint of heart – the show is performed 'in the round’, with the audience surrounded by fire & smoke, spinning wheels and fireworks. A symphony of pyrotechnic sounds fills the air. It’s loud, disorientating and cacophonous, but there are also moments of delicate beauty…

‘‘We loved it…It re-presenced me to the fact that I have been playing it safe all my life and never given myself the freedom to take risks, each day…it was so inspiring, my husband turned to me and said, ‘It makes you realise that life really Is wonderful!’ Thank you for the amazing experience’’ Audience member, Crackers? at Sydney Festival 2007

Crackers? has been created with the help of a grant from Arts Council England.

Director Mike Roberts / Performance Director Pippa Bailey / Visual Design & Structures Mandy Dike / Firework Design Maria Hingerty / Video Design Nick Hillel at yeastculture / Soundtrack Thor McIntyre-Burnie & Olly Aylmer at Aswarm / Sound Design Thor Mc.B & Gareth Hance / Production Manager Tom Bailey / Crew and Performers (variously) Jon Bielstein / Paul Bryce / Gabriel Burden / Tim Carter / Phil Eddolls / Flick Ferdinando / Siou Hannam / Mike Hayhurst / Chris Hoxey / Sally Langford / Martin King / Alex Macbride /Helen Maguire / Alex Murdoch / Mathew Nicholls / Joey Robinson / Cara Smyth / Richie Smith / Marcia Stephenson / Brian Thunder / Greg Woods

“Never have fireworks been so poetic or in-your-face, thanks to the gentle comedic touch of The World Famous.”Joseph Nair, The Business Times Singapore – Crackers? at Singapore International Arts Festival 2009