As darkness falls, an expectant silence is gently ripped by a symphonic crackle of static as roll after roll of sticky tape is pulled and twisted out from the shadows – drawing lines of light that cut the space and quiver in the air.
High above, a winged figure treads the sky, falters, and then falls, into a heaving carcass of translucent spidery limbs. A huge structure is wrenched upwards from out of the ground, forged with fire, machinery and smoke. Hundreds of sparklers burst into life as it transforms before our eyes into a beautiful tower of filigree pinnacles and leaf veined windows, shimmering with fireworks against the backdrop of the night sky.

A spectacular theatrical event with fire, fireworks and sticky-tape created in collaboration with theatrical masters Improbable. Sticky developed from a small site-specific installation in a Stockton church to an internationally acclaimed dramatic spectacle.

“The most imaginative show of the year” - “The Observer”